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Tea bag

The tea bags produced by Ningbo Dekang are carefully crafted with scientific and technological methods, so that the active ingredients that are difficult to be leached with hot water are quickly dissolved in hot water in one or two minutes, giving you the first The mouth can drink a strong natural fragrance, maximize the use and absorption of its active ingredients, clean, easy to carry, easy to brew, to prevent the possibility of tea residue mixed into the tea soup, tea bags using degradable fiber materials, use Afterwards, no post-treatment is required, and it is discarded after use and does not pollute the environment.

Product Catalog

Can produce a variety of types, meet the personalized needs
Momordica grosvenori peppermint tea
Lily Platycodon grandiflorum substitute tea
Ginseng and raspberry substitute tea
Suanzaoren substitute tea
Coix seed substitute tea
Hawthorn Roselle Containing Tea Products
Cinnamon substitute tea
Mint tea
Barley tea
Chrysanthemum Tea
Coix seed Gardenia substitute tea
Ejiao Lycium barbarum Tea
Ginseng and Jujube Tea
Wolfberry Tea with Polygonatum Extract
Substitute Tea of Jujube Seed, Polygonatum Jade and Bamboo
White lentil flower peach kernels substitute tea
Sophora japonica leaf substitute tea from Ampelopsis grossedentata